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INDEXIZ offers an impressive UI/UX design services to deliver intuitive designs and outstanding user experience.

INDEXIZ is a premium UI/UX design company that strives to create website designs with out of the box user experiences. We are amongst the best web developer companies that build engaging products to cater to customer needs quickly. Our team of expert UI/UX designers focus on user expectations and offer improved usability and best UX design practice. We implement design standards that create a strong business identity and brand recall.


    Avail intuitive UI/UX designs and transform your digital user experience

    Wireframe and Interactive Prototyping

    At INDEXIZ, we offer a wide range of wireframe and prototyping design services that allow explicit layout of pages and the site structure. We implement interaction design and information architecture by utilizing conceptual wireframing. Our illustrative approach helps us create high-fidelity wireframes.

    User Interface Design

    Create interactive designs that are visually appealing as well as intuitive with the help of our latest frameworks. We transform your requirements into functional web designs to derive maximum interaction. Our illustrative approach helps us generate highly engaging user experience.

    User Experience Design

    Realize your product idea with our web design consultants that will help you analyze and bridge the gaps in your site’s interface. Our comprehensive site analysis process allows you to accomplish your business goals efficiently and micro-interactions embedded into the UI make your site user-friendly.

    Responsive Design

    Our UX design experts create compelling responsive web designs that fit to all screen sizes without compromising the quality. We have mastered building custom websites that not just ensures great user experience, but also accelerates usability due to user-centric design and content.

    Usability Testing

    INDEXIZ being a UX design company offers comprehensive usability testing to determine product acceptance in the market. Our UI/UX designs are tested by real users from the target audience via testing tools. We have a comprehensive package which includes compatibility testing, crowd testing, screen resolution tests and more.

    Website Redesign services

    Redesign your website with our UI/UX designers and transform your needs into tangible results that bring productivity and quicker outcomes. Our use of a wide range of wireframes ensure that the site aptly meets the business needs.


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    Hire UI/UX Designers on demand for excellent UX designs

    Expertise in industries

    Our team has designed apps and websites to cater to multiple industries. We have delivered over 1000 software solutions to date.You can get interfaces that are incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

    Effective communication

    Our developers provide real-time collaboration and transparent communication for seamless project management. We provide 24/7 software support and maintenance to best serve our clients.

    Personalized user experience

    Our excellent web designs help increase customer engagement and bring credibility. Get your website designed by the best web designing company to avail massive benefits and a customized experience.

    Resource scalability

    Our custom development model allows for scalability, enabling you to adjust the size of the team of website designers. We provide you with the authority to modify the resources as per your needs.


    Hire Web Design Company with experienced UI/UX designers


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    Graphic Designing

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    Avail our Engagement Models to design a website with premium UI/UX

    Build - Operate - Transfer

    Long term collaboration

    Highly scalable team

    Team ownership

    Dedicated working centre

    Time & material

    Short-medium term collaboration

    Low scalable team

    Detailed specifications

    Clean deadlines

    Fixed cost

    Short-long term collaboration

    Flexible budget and timeframe

    Complete control over the process

    Highly scalable team


    Build competitive UI/UX designs using our UI/UX design process



    Interface Architecture

    Sketching & Wireframes

    Dynamic Prototype



    Design References

    Graphic Interface

    Animation Prototypee

    Guidelines totype

    Design Review


    Leverage best UI/UX design services from the top website builders

    Minimal cost of operations

    INDEXIZ recruitment of top 1% talent in the Indian IT industry allows for access to high-quality developers at a 60% lower cost compared to those in other countries such as US, UK, Poland, Philippines or Ukraine. This helps our clients to stay within budget while leveraging the best software programmers


    INDEXIZ provides complete transparency in their communication and work with clients by fostering trust and collaboration. This approach helps to overcome any challenges and ensure the success of the project.

    Guaranteed Quality

    Our team of web designers and developers work towards delivering the expected product with precision and thorough quality checks, resulting in 100% client satisfaction. Continual updates and maintenance are done to achieve the desired solutions.

    Industry Specific Talent

    INDEXIZ team of 500 professionals have years of industry experience and are chosen through an intensive vetting process. Clients can pick developers with specific skills, ensuring that they have a dedicated team with the desired resources for their projects.


    Frequently Asked Questions on UI/UX Designing Services

    We offer UI/UX design services like:

    • Wireframe and Prototype
    • User Experience Design
    • User Interface Design
    • Responsive Website Design
    • Website Redesign
    • Graphic Design Company
    • Mobile App Redesign

    A well-crafted UI design facilitates smooth navigation. Providing fast experiences to your customers will increase their satisfaction with your site, products, and brand. Your website can draw in more sales and prospects, build customer loyalty, boost conversion rates, and boost overall profitability with a good UI design.

    In simple words, UI, the user interface is solely refers to the aesthetic elements through which the users interact with your application or product. And, UX, the user experience refers to the experience that a user has with the product or application.

    UI designing focuses more on the use of visual elements that elevate the overall look and feel of the application by incorporating colors, menubars, typography, etc. UX on the other hand lays emphasis on the user and his/her journey through the application or product.

    The key differences between UX and UI are,

    •   UI has an artistic component, UX has a social component

    •   UI deals with interaction quality, UX deals with functionality and purpose

    •   UI focuses on technical components, UX focuses on project management

    The cost of UX/UI design varies depending upon your requirements and specifications. The general factors on which the cost of UX/UI design is dependent are,

    •   Number of screens to be designed

    •   Product type and category

    •   Features and specifications

    •   Design complexity

    •   Need for animation and other elements

    Whenever we receive a project, firstly we ensure to assign a single point of contact in the form of a project manager. The project manager is responsible for giving regular updates on the project to the client. To start with, the project manager analyses the requirements in detail to understand your exact need and expectations.

    Once the requirements are clear and crisp, next, we move towards the actual UI/UX design process. In this process, we go through various phases from research and planning to sketching, wireframing, and prototyping. We ensure that the client is involved in each and every step and that they can provide inputs wherever they feel the need.

    When the design is ready and satisfied the client’s needs, we finally deliver the designs or goes on to develop as per the client’s needs.

    We have a wide pool of technologies and tools that we use for UI/UX design based on the requirements of the project. Some of the common tools and technologies that we are currently using are,

    •   Figma

    •   Sketch

    •   Adobe XD

    •   Photoshop

    •   Zeplin

    •   After Effects

    •   Illustrator

    •   Coreldraw

    Our typical UI Design process consists of the following steps,

    1.   App Design Questionnaire Filling
    Here, OpenXcell will send a document to the client, to get insights on the following items

    •   Colour preference

    •   Theme Selection (High tech, Warm, Flashy, Traditional, formal, cutting edge, Friendly, Contemporary)

    •   Brand Positioning (Logo)

    •   Any Specific UI Suggestion

    •   Any other element selection like buttons, font typeset

    2.   Design Mock-up 3-4 Screens (For Theme Confirmation)

    3.   Review & Approval Process with the client

    4.   Design creation for the entire app

    •   It can include multiple iterations based on the defined flow

    •   PSD files will be generated

    5.   After everything is finalized. we go ahead on design

    OpenXcell provides a robust UI/UX design solution to produce excellent user experiences and intuitive designs. The company’s top web developers create engaging products to meet the demands of the clients. Moreover, expert UI/UX designers strongly emphasize customer expectations while providing enhanced usability and optimal UX design practices.


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