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As a top software testing and QA company, we provide the best testing services to deliver optimally performing software.

We, at INDEXIZ, have gained unmatched expertise through years of providing comprehensive software testing solutions. Our achievement motivates and supports us to effectively address our client’s requirements, offering them superior quality products with reduced potential risks. From custom validation to specialised testing, our QA engineers ensure that data, services, applications, and software are validated end-to-end.


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    Performance Testing

    The performance testing services we provide at INDEXIZ cover a wide range of domains and platforms, including desktop, web, cloud, mobile, and analytics. Our performance testing specialists consistently deliver excellent performance testing solutions and outstanding quality assurance.

    Manual Testing

    Our QA team does manual testing to check your product's usability, user interface, and performance on multiple devices. Manual testing that we provide at INDEXIZ offers individualised comments regarding the appearance and feel of your product and helps to find vulnerabilities that can't be found automatically.

    Mobile App Testing

    Being one of the top QA companies, we offer a comprehensive range of mobile application testing services for different operating systems & platforms. For various mobile applications, INDEXIZ offers cross-platform, functional/non-functional testing employing manual and automated testing methods.

    Automated Testing

    Our automation testing experts strategise a roadmap for your business needs and recommend technology solutions to cut costs, accelerate time to market and dramatically improve end-product performance. We can assist your business in selecting the most appropriate tool based on your needs and budget.

    API Testing

    We offer API Testing services to ensure your application programming interfaces live up to all requirements for usability, dependability, performance, and security. This service makes integrating the GUI simple while lowering the cost of manual testing.

    Smoke Testing

    Our smoke testing services provide a non-exhaustive collection of smoke tests that ensure the recently deployed test build is stable and testable while reducing the time and testing effort required. This enhances the quality by assisting in the early detection of problems.

    Regression Testing

    Based on decades of experience in software testing and test automation services, INDEXIZ quickly understands project and software specifics. It implements pragmatic regression testing with a reasonable amount of test automation.

    SaaS Testing

    Testing SaaS applications has its challenges and unique characteristics. Depending on the project, the difficulties may change. We test your apps with the necessary direction, preparation, and skill set of our QA Specialists and make it thoroughly competitive for the market.

    Usability Testing

    Monitor application behaviour when multiple functions of the application operate concurrently. Our software testing services include an in-depth analysis of user behaviour that identifies potential usability issues in the early phases and creates a seamless product.


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    Easy communication

    Our developers provide real-time collaboration and transparent communication for seamless project management. We provide 24/7 software support and maintenance to best serve our clients.


    Our software development model is flexible and allows you to scale up or down the number of dedicated developers. You can add or remove developers as needed to meet the changing demands of your project.

    Own your code

    Our software development company provides you with control over the source code and intellectual property of any software we develop for you, allowing you to maintain autonomy over your technology.

    Budget friendly

    We are an offshore IT service provider that offers budget-friendly solutions to our clients at a minimal cost. We believe our resources are cost-effective compared to other software development companies.


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    Engagement Models to hire the best QA team for your project

    Build - Operate - Transfer

    Long term collaboration

    Highly scalable team

    Team ownership

    Dedicated working centre

    Time & material

    Short-medium term collaboration

    Low scalable team

    Detailed specifications

    Clean deadlines

    Fixed cost

    Short-long term collaboration

    Flexible budget and timeframe

    Complete control over the process

    Highly scalable team


    Leverage streamlined operations with automated Software Testing Process

    QA Consulting

    Fact-based recommendations for project improvement documented in the report.

    Complete QA Services

    Solutions development from requirement analysis to maintenance.


    Structured documents for different audiences, classified by type.

    Pre-certification & Compliance Testing

    Compliance with standards such as PCI DSS and accessibility.

    Software Testing

    Guaranteed high-quality through a comprehensive mix of testing for all applications.

    Test Automation

    Optimum test automation solution chosen through custom development and pre-built options considering goals, technologies, and


    INDEXIZ is Pakistan top QA service providers

    Issue Mitigation Measures

    Testing and QA are critical for identifying and addressing potential issues in software, particularly those that handle sensitive data. This helps prevent communication breakdowns, blackouts, and data leaks that could have serious consequences.

    Extraordinary User Experience

    By undertaking a detailed testing process, we ensure that our customers receive an end product that is valuable, reliable, and highly interactive.We as a software tester company ensure that the product we deliver is flawless and impeccable.

    Robust Security

    Continuous QA is crucial for ensuring the security and reliability of software products, by identifying and addressing any weaknesses or errors in the code through regular testing and code reviews. We prioritise security & reliability to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and building trust in the products.

    Specific Expertise

    INDEXIZ offers a pool of 500 experienced professionals that have gone through a thorough vetting process. Clients can choose and hire software developers with the specific skills and experience they need for their project.

    Reduced Operational Cost

    At INDEXIZ, we hire the best 1% of the Indian IT industry at a cost that's 60% lower compared to hiring software developers from other countries such as the US, UK, Poland, Philippines, or Ukraine. This allows our clients to get access to top talent while staying within their budget.


    Frequently asked questions on QA Testing and Software Testing Services

    Software testing includes a wide range of services such as Performance and Load Testing, Web Testing, Regression Testing, Accessibility Testing, Unit Testing, Localization Testing, Usability Testing, Exploratory Testing, and User Acceptance Testing. It also includes, Functionality Testing, Mobile Application Testing, API Testing, UI Testing, and Compatibility & Security Testing Services.

    Software testing ensures the product’s quality and the satisfaction of customers and users. Additionally, it promises enhanced user experience, reliability, and better business optimization (reduced maintenance expense).

    Organisations need help understanding both quality assurance and software testing because both aim to create bug-free, functional applications. Software testing involves techniques and procedures to find software bugs; quality assurance is a process to ensure that the project complies with the stakeholders’ expectations.

    A test case is a set of actions on a system to see if it complies with software requirements and functions correctly.

    Depending on the needs of the client and the scope of the project, teams can range in size from 2 to 20.

    Various software testing types are based on factors such as testing objectives, test execution methods, test design techniques, etc. 

    There are two main types of testing. 1. Functional testing. 2. Non-functional testing. Functional testing includes Unit testing, Integration testing, System testing, and Acceptance testing. Non-functional testing consists of security, performance, usability, and compatibility tests.

    If you choose QA outsourcing, you’ll gain access to experienced IT experts and increased team productivity. When you outsource quality assurance, your work will be done at a higher standard, and you will have peace of mind that there will be no more conflicts between your development and testing teams.


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