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You have an idea either sketched out on the back of an envelope or etched out in a document? Let us bring that idea to life! We play the role of technical co-founder and your extended development team – leave your product development worries to us and spend that additional time and money on marketing your product.


We understand, as a startup you want a firm that you can establish a rapport with, and that believes in creating a pathway towards your vision. That’s what INDEXIZ is

Agile Project Management Methodologies.

The use of Agile methodologies can facilitate project implementation and bring prosperity to your company. Agile project management means continuous improvement through iterations and feedback. Indexiz follows the 12 principles of Agile Manifesto and has a primary focus on customer satisfaction, flexibility, communication and people.

  • High flexibility: fast adaptation to changing circumstances (incl.requirements)
  • Effective communication: ongoing collaboration between the your team and Indexiz's team
  • Iterative development: writing the code and testing it in repeated cycles
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If you’d like us to help you with the selection of the most appropriate contractual model and/or discuss your project, feel free to contact our customer care manager.